Stress: Week 9 First Impression

I would consider myself a “go with the flow” kind of person. I try to keep my stress levels pretty low and not let unimportant things stress me out. Although, the things that do give me stress raise the stress levels pretty high. Sometimes I may make things seem worst than they actually are. One of my biggest stressors is school and my classes. Mainly exams are what I stress out the most for. Other things I’ll stress about are deadlines for assignments, how busy my schedule is, or even some professors (not including MacFarlane). I do have some ways to try and manage these things that give me stress.

I think the biggest reason I get stress is because of my procrastination. Leaving everything to the last minute puts a lot of pressure and stress on my to get assignments done on time and have them done well. I can try to fix that by setting aside time to get work done. Also making sure these times are set in advance to any assignments being due. I do have a planner that I use to set up every week to help plan and organize my school work. One of my biggest stress relievers is exercise. Being in a sport or just going for a run helps me forget all of my problems and clear my head of anything bad that could have happened that day or week. It’s able to calm me down and refocus on the thing that was stressing me out. I think setting aside free time for yourself is important because is give you a break from anything that is bothering you. I know coloring can be very helpful as it is relaxing and fun to do. Being around other people can help; going out with friends will let you focus on something fun rather than what is stressing you out. From this you’re able to regain focus and calmness to work at the stressor that is causing a problem.



One thought on “Stress: Week 9 First Impression

  1. I see myself as a “go with the flow” person as well. School is also my biggest stressor and I think it is because you cannot really go with the flow when it comes to school. You have to do something to separate yourself. That adds extra pressure and leads to more stress. I am also a bad procrastinator as well. It can keep my stress levels low for a little while because I will have nothing to do but then everything ends up being due at the same time. I’m sure you know how horrible that can get. Setting aside time to get work done and using a planner are great ideas. You have to make sure you are disciplined when it comes to using that time though. In my experience, it seems like opportunities to do something besides work always come up. Since the work may not be due right then and there, it can be easy to do something else. That’s where you have to be disciplined and make yourself do the work. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. I get the feeling you get when I play baseball. All the stress just goes away when I’m out there and I can just relax. It’s a really great feeling.


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