Personality: Week 11 First Impression

I always enjoy taking the fun, free quizzes online that range from what my spirit animal would be to what my personality type is. The four quizzes I took were longer than other quizzes I have done in the past and I think they asked well array of questions to pinpoint personality types. My results of the four tests were pretty constant with small switches between specific traits.

The fist two personality tests I took I received the exact same result. My personality type was ISTP. This stands for introvert, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. It was described as fearless and enjoy excitement. The humanmetrics site went into more depth with percentages saying there was little preference between introvert and extrovert and between thinking and feeling. I have more of a preference for my feelings rather than intuition.

From the other two tests my results were aimed more towards an extrovert and being more socially active. The BIG5 site added the traits of agreeableness and openness to experiences. The colorquiz site included my need for excitement and social interaction. Both comment on being very observant and diligent in my work.

From these four personality tests I do agree with the results to match my personality. Even though it fluctuated between introvert and extrovert or feelings and thinking, I believe I do change some of my views when present with different situations. Sometimes I could be social and active with groups of people while other days I’d much rather keep to myself. The common characteristic that I agree with is need for excitement and adventure; I am always ready for last minute plans that can turn into a really fun experience. What I found most shocking was that the color quiz proved to me the most accurate to describing my personality type, with the only data collected was my sequence of colors that I chose two times.


One thought on “Personality: Week 11 First Impression

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the quizzes and that you felt them to be accurate! Aside from this, I wonder how valid you find them to be. While they can be accurate to what you believe about yourself, there is no telling what facts are behind these assumptions, as all the questions are self-answering. The tests can piece together that you are an introvert or an extrovert based on how you answer, these answers of course depending on whether or not you view yourself as behaving in an introverted or extroverted way. Also, where do you think the validity in the color test comes from, considering there was no real, factual responses recorded?


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