Mental Illness: Week 14 First Impression

Starting this blog I had a very general idea of what schizophrenia was and how it affects people. I have never seen the movies listed in the prompt so I haven’t seen any type of display of the mental illness until the video Types of Schizophrenia – a day in the life of. Searching for more information on schizophrenia I found very strict descriptions with specific side effects. Although, the video described how each case is unique to every individual. I also learned how there can be positive and negative symptoms. Also schizophrenia can affect body movement, emotions, and mental functioning.

I was quite shocked by the video. It gave a real world sense of schizophrenia. It is difficult to describe many types of illnesses and disorders without having any relation to it yourself. But the video truly showed what people can go through without anyone noticing what’s going on. I learned from the video that certain hallucinations or delusions can be negative towards the person; it was as if they were being bullied by the voices in their head. This was new to me because I thought a common symptom of schizophrenia was simply voices in their head and not actually speaking to that individual.

From this new insight to schizophrenia I think the media is too direct and strict when talking about this illness. Many just focus on the hard facts that can relate to large groups of people. But in reality it is a very unique mental illness that is different for every person who has it. There are different symptoms and different experiences people go through. No one seems to take into account how everyday is a struggle for someone diagnosed with schizophrenia. I think better awareness is needed of how personal this mental disorder is to each individual rather than just the common knowledge and facts of it.


One thought on “Mental Illness: Week 14 First Impression

  1. I thought that they thoughts in their head were just talking or like it was their own at first as well, but it’s very scary to think they’re being mean to them. I also think it’s really interesting how they can tell them to do things. I do have a question though for people with Schizophrenia, I wonder if they can sometimes distinguish between being in reality and knowing they aren’t real and being lost in their own heads. From my neuroscience class this semester, we learned about the positive and negative symptoms like you mentioned, but I never thought of the negatives only the delusions and hallucinations. It so interesting how they can become catatonic or non-verbal but also experience the other side of the symptoms. I have seen Donnie Darko so I sort of had an idea about how strong the hallucinations can be, but this video really opened my eyes to how the see things that aren’t happening like the newspaper headline or the news anchor talking back, how do their minds do that?

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