Spotlight Blog 3: Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be brought up in someone’s life no matter their age. It can be very difficult to go against a crowd of people. Especially the ones you know very well. The pressuring situations may become more serious the older you get. Ways to resist peer pressure may have some overlapping methods, but there are some specific methods given to go against pressure at different stages of life. refer to peer pressure as the influence people your age give when dealing with certain decisions. They include how some people give in to the peer pressure. Mainly kids, find it difficult to go against their peers because they want to be liked or want to fit in with the majority. Kids health simply put resisting peer pressure as having the strength and confidence to say “no” to something that goes against your beliefs. That is what everyone is told, but there is so much more to peer pressure than just saying no. Some influence is very powerful no matter how confident you are in yourself. This site also suggests to surround yourself with friends that have similar views and beliefs as you. This will keep situations of peer pressure to a minimum. If they do arise, staying close to these people can help say no peer influence. These are well known and simple ideas to resist peer pressure. As kids get older more serious situations arise and the harder it is to resist the influence. relates peer pressure to teens specifically. The difficult situation that arises is the use of alcohol and drugs. Their description of peer pressure is conforming to “the group” wether is the jocks, musicians, or populars. Some situations teens are likely to face involve high risk. This site suggests considering the risks of the situation. If there is a party with alcohol, problems that could arise are if the police arrive and you get arrested. A snowball of questions can arise; how will this effects my parents, will this ruin getting into college later. This is a good idea on how to resist pressure because it makes you think about the consequences of the situation and having negatives out number the positives makes the decision easier to make. focuses on adult peer pressure. As adults are more mature since their teenage years, the ideas to help resolve peer pressure are more sophisticated. They go back to the simple way of just say no. This is a more reasonable suggestion because adults have a better understanding of themselves and their beliefs. They are stronger and can directly say no to a stressing situation presented to them. If saying no isn’t enough for the ones pressuring you, uwhelth suggests replying with statements that start with “I think, I will, and I want”. This shows good self control and strong hold on personal views. Validating yourself is a good method given to be strong against pressure. Some may always be against your personal views, but knowing you resisted the pressure can make you feel better because you stood up and stuck to your beliefs. From psych, self-efficacy is the belief in your own abilities. Having this belief keeps you stronger to stand up against the pressure being put on.

There are many ways to help resist peer pressure, but it ultimately comes down you your choice. You can weigh the risks, consult others, or make an excuse. But after all these things, the only thing that stops the pressure is a direct “no” and removing yourself from the unwanted situation. Staying true to yourself may be difficult at the time, its worth it later.


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